The signing Franchise Agreement with Wyndham Hotels and Resorts and Partnership memorandum with Aimbridge Hospitality EMEA by the Alliance Group

In February 2024, Franchise License Agreement (FLA) was signed between Wyndham Hotels & Resorts and Alliance Group. According to the FLA, the Alliance Group obtained the Wyndham Grand Residence brand for the company’s Tbilisi project – Alliance Highline. Wyndham Grand Residence will be located in “C” block of the project. 

The Wyndham Grand Residence Tbilisi will be the first branded residences project in Tbilisi. Residences will be constructed on basis of the premium standards of the brand and Alliance. 

Besides the FLA, also memorandum was signed between Alliance Group and Aimbridge Hospitality EMEA regarding the management of the Wyndham Grand Residences Tbilisi and other Premium class apartments located in Alliance Highline project. 

With first representation in Tbilisi and collaboration with the world’s leading hospitality brands, investors will have an opportunity to purchase this type of innovative, investment-branded residence exclusively in Alliance Highline.