Signing the Contract with LTD “Rozum”

On 25th of August, 2020, between the Law Firm “Legal Consulting Center” and LTD “Rozum” was concluded a contract on legal service. LTD “Rozum maintains the organization of public performance of a musical production on the basis of an agreement signed with “Gera” – the collective management organization of copyright and related rights.

In accordance with the contract with “Rozum, Legal Consulting Center takes the liability to provide legal services to LTD “Rozum in negotiating and concluding agreements with objects who makes public performance of music (such as restaurants, cafes, hotels, shopping malls, etc.). Mentioned includes the right to act in the region on behalf of “Rozum”and the obligation to fully conduct the relevant process.

“Legal Consulting Center” wishes success to “Rozum” in its business and hopes that the cooperation will be successful for both parties.