Signing contract with JSC Vanrik Agro

Legal Consulting Center (LCC) and JSC Vanrik Agro signed Service Contract on providing of full legal service in February 2016;

JSC Vanrik Agro is a main company of the Vanrik Agro Group. Vanrik Agro is one of the biggest agricultural company in the country. Vanrik Agro Group is working also on development of other business directions, such as Energy supply, technology development etc. VanRik Agro Group has implemented a project on the commercial cultivation of blueberries, raspberries, blackberries. The program initially is planted for 147,000 seedlings of blueberry. The land has been cleaned and prepared for planting. Plantation has been specifically designed to ensure the highest quality berries. The company is planning expansion to 400-500 hectares of plantation in nearest future. Besides, technology of industrial production of blueberries requires a large bee farms (3-4 hives per hectare). Vanrik Agro Group has commissioned a laboratory in Batumi to produce planting material by micro cloning method, which will allow us to expand the plantation using their own plants, not to depend on foreign suppliers, involve local highly qualified personnel and train the youth in advanced technology.

Chairman of the Vanrik Agro Group is Mr. Irakli Fartsvania, who has great experience in development of the different business directions and sectors.

According to established contract LCC will provide full legal service to Vanrik Agro Group and also as a legal partner will provide business consulting, execute business representation and negotiations management in concrete issues.