Offsite session of Tripartite Social Partnership Territorial Commission (TSPTC)

On 12-14 of June 2019, workgroup meeting and Commission Session of Tripartite Social Partnership Territorial Commission (TSPTC) of the Autonomous Republic of Adjara has been held in Adjara Resort Goderdzi with participation of Legal Consulting Centre Director Davit Chkonia who, at the same time, is the Head of Adjara Representation of Georgian Employers Association and Member Of Commission from business sector side. Georgian Organic Law Project regarding amendments to the Labor Code of Georgia in the Organic Law’s legislative initiation rule has been approved at the session that provides determination of overtime working hour’s duration. The session also considered and approved initiation regarding development of relevant recommendation on the system of calculation of the employees’ vocation leaves days number in the private labor sector. Initiative for creation of workgroup of problematic cases existing in the labor sector has been also considered and adopted.

According to the Regulation, Tripartite Social Partnership Territorial Commission acting in Adjara, is represented by Government of Adjara, Employers’ Associations and Trade Union. 

The mission of commission is to develop social dialogue culture and promote settlement of any disputable matter through negotiations. In Georgia Tripartite Social Partnership Commission acts since 2013 pursuant to the amendments made in the labor code of Georgia. Its aim and purpose is to develop social partnership, in addition, develop proposals and recommendations in labor relationships for several disputable matters.