Official Visit of the Partner of the company in Switzerland

The Partner and Director of the Company Davit Chkonia visited Switzerland by official visit in August 2016. The visit was related to the legal and other business issues of the Grand Casino Batumi LLC whose co-owner and management company is Casinos Austria International.

Casinos Austria International operates three Casinos in Switzerland by its associated company Casinos Austria Swiss GmbH. Davit Chkonia was invited by the management of Casinos Austria Swiss AG.

During the visit David Chkonia visited the head office of the Casinos Austria Swiss AG in Switzerland located in Lucerne, also the Casino in St. Moritz resort, introduces the peculiarities of the work of Casinos in Switzerland, legal aspects and related issues.

The visit was positive and plentiful for both parties. LCC wants to express special thanks to the Operations Services Manager of Casinos Austria Swiss AG Mr. Helmut Wede for the organizing of the visit and hosting of the partner of LCC.