Legal support of Legal Consulting Center

The World Health Organization (WHO) has announced Corona virus (COVID 19) as pandemic due to a worldwide spread of the. As a consequence of these circumstances, the world economy and business environment, including Georgia economy and business sector is facing significant problems.

Considering the current situation, companies conducting business activities in the private sector, due to take care of the lives and health of its employees and third parties, as well as, consider the recommendations of the Government of Georgia, must bring their activities in line with the existing situation and in this regard take several measures.

According to the above-mentioned situation, “Legal Consulting Center”, as law firm, provides to its client and partner companies with relevant consulting support on the following issues:

  • How to regulate labor relations in the current situation;
  • What situation will be created for the business sector if the State declares the “State of Emergency”;
  • How the force majeure circumstances are defined and whether do we have currently a force majeure situation;
  • In which cases the contract may not be fulfilled based on establishment/existence of a force majeure situation;
  • What are the benefits that the Georgian Government offers in the existing situation;
  • Legal consulting regarding other related issues.

Besides,  Legal Consulting Center provides additional assistance to its client and partner companies in the legal regulation of specific issues and the qualified solution of the arisen problems, by assessing the individual circumstances, taking into account the specifics and situation of each specific company.

Legal Consulting Center wishes you health and success!