Changes in legislation of regulating the gambling business

On 25th of June, 2020 several important amendments and supplements have been done to the gambling business regulation legislation, the main purpose of which is to regulate the service conditions of providing/supply of the  the games services and determine the permit conditions of the mentioned service. In accordance to this amendments package the providers of the essential product/service related to the gaming sphere, including the slot machines provider companies must obtain the appropriate business permit and pass the authorization process. In this regard, the supply of any kind of technical programs, management systems, slot machines and other related services to the gaming business operator will be regulated.

In accordance with the legislative amendments the new type of permit have been defined – providing/supply of the gaming services, which means the providing/supply of the games of chance or/and prize games or/and providing the essential product/services to the organizer of  games of change or/and prize games on the basis of a permission of the providing the games of change or/and prize games issued in accordance with the Law of Georgia „On Licenses and Permits.“

Issuance and revocation of providing/supply of the games of chance or/and prize games permits, as well as organizing the games of chance and prize games permits, making amendments into it and register it in the Permit Register shall be carried out by the Revenue Service in accordance with the Law of Georgia on „Licenses and Permits“. The permit will be issued for a period of 5 years.

In addition to this, in accordance with law the Revenue Service is authorized to implement an electronic control system through a selected person in order to control the fulfillment of permit conditions through the inspection and also in the current bases. The selected person is defined as the entity that will be selected by the Revenue Service to implement and operate an gambling business electronic control system.

Legal Consulting Center (LCC) prepared special edition of the newsletter regarding this issue where the main aspects of done legislative amendments are described.

LCC offers its partners and clients, as well as any other interested persons, to provide additional detailed information on this issue, as well as legal advice on obtaining a new type of permit.